Product Liability Training

Industry Recommended Product Liability Training for Engineers

Engineers and managers without Product Liability Training are ill-equipped to recognise and manage the risk of liability claims, arising from errors and omissions in the product design and manufacturing processes, or the way the product is marketed.

So, this one day course, presented by Phil Stunell, is designed for engineers and managers with no previous legal training, who are responsible for the design, manufacture or marketing of products that could cause loss or injury.

Developed for engineers and presented by an engineer with industrial experience, this industry recommended course provides a practical introduction to the principles of civil, criminal and contract law, showing how they converge when defective products are found.

Recently updated, to include the new EU General Product Safety Regulation and revised Product Liability Directive, this training is available as an on-site course for your management team, or on-line using MS Teams / Zoom.

Explaining the Law

Working from first principles and using real case studies we show how the law has developed and what it means for producers, suppliers and consumers in global markets.

Delegates will learn how they can reduce the risk of Product Liability Claims as they discover:-

  • What is their General Duty of Care
  • What is negligence, and how to avoid it
  • What makes a product defective
  • Who is responsible for product defects
  • How they can prevent product defects and potential claims
  • What to do when they discover a defect or potential defect, in Europe or the USA
  • What happens if somebody makes a claim against them
  • The evidence required to make or defend a claim
  • How to avoid common mistakes when preparing records and other documents

Practical Guidance for Engineers

Delegates will also explore how to:-

  • Anticipate, prevent, detect and mitigate potential product liability issues, using the quality management tools and techniques embedded the ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16049:2016 Quality Management Systems.
  • Manage and control product liability risks in the extended supply chain.
  • Record and communicate their concerns about product safety and liability issues.
  • Create a management culture that supports and enables effective problem solving.
  • Drive continuous improvement in product design, manufacturing and customer support processes

Secure & Confidential

Delivered as in-house training, or on-line using Microsoft TEAMS, this course will enable your management team to develop a common understanding of their legal responsibilities, with the freedom to discuss sensitive and confidential information during the practical workshop sessions

What Our Clients Think

Stunell Technology has delivered Product Liability Training for clients in the UK, Europe and USA since 2004, and this course was awarded Industry Recommended Status by the Automotive Academy in 2005.

“Stunell Technology ran a series of Product Liability Training courses across four of our European sites, for 90 employees, to ensure that our engineers, account managers, and directors had a sound understanding of automotive legislation. The course covered the US TREAD Act, NHTSA and European legal aspects, from a very real case study engineering basis. Phil Stunell used break-out groups and discussions to engage all participants. Extremely useful, and managed very well across language barriers.”

Matt Snelson,  former European Quality Director of Ti Automotive

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