Formed in 2000, Stunell Technology  helps clients identify and solve their problems through a process of continuous improvement – whilst unlocking the potential of their employees and creating a ‘lean culture’

In an increasingly competitive global environment maintaining the status quo is not a survival strategy, and many companies are learning that they can only improve performance by focussing on:-

  • Products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Processes that achieve stringent  cost, quality and delivery targets
  • Systems that maintain control whilst nurturing continuous improvement and innovation

Although the techniques of continuous improvement are well documented, they must be applied to each situation with intelligence and sensitivity in order to sustain the improvement and build a ‘culture’ that works. Taiichi Ohno, creator of the Toyota Production System, recognised the need for a supportive culture as a pre-condition for successful implementation of lean – and  we ignore his advice at our peril!

Independent experts with impartial advice

With a background in product development, project management, business development and general management we combine strong technical and commercial skills – and are passionate about creating businesses that  deliver goods and services that meet customer requirements, and releasing the potential of their staff  so that they enrich the communities they serve.

We undertake ‘independent reviews’ of particular projects or business activities to identify the technical and commercial risks which may arise due to dysfunctional systems, poor engineering or a lack of management control and customer focus. 

Our reviews go beyond a traditional audit – focussing on both processes and business strategy – to identify potential problems and, if requested, recommend cost effective solutions that can be implemented.

For managers preoccupied with operational issues, independent reviews provide 

  • An accurate diagnosis of the their current situation
  • A ‘radar’ that detects the next generation of threats and opportunities before they arise
  • A plan of action to resolve ‘chronic problems’ and prevent new ones

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Enabling managers to perform

Managers who have been promoted because of their technical competence, may struggle to understand the dynamics of the business – and traditional career paths often reinforce the barriers to communication between departments and functional groups. As mentors we work with managers and senior executives to 

  • Clarify their objectives – probing and challenging their unspoken assumptions – so that they  understand the business and market dynamics 
  • Develop a vision of the future that meets their strategic objectives
  • Evaluate alternative strategies that will enable them to translate their vision into reality.

By developing a ‘cross-functional’ understanding of the business we enable companies to establish ‘flow’ within the management systems – often a pre-condition for effective and sustainable business improvement initiatives.

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Training that works!

Stunell Technology provides training and support for technical and management staff, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to improve the way they work. Our training programme currently includes:-

  • Product Liability Training for Engineers and Engineering Managers
  • Application of ISO9000 / TS 16949
  • Application of the Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Failure Modes Effects Analysis

Our ‘standard courses’ that are are updated to reflect changes in the law and industry practice, can also be be customized to meet your customer specific if required.

Courses can be delivered on-site or on-line using MS Teams or ZOOM.

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Learn How Stunell Technology Can Improve Your Business

Our detailed understanding of engineering and commercial issues, enables us to work on a wide variety of special assignments, complementing and strengthening the existing team. So if you need help to plan or deliver your projects,