Independant Reviews

Independent reviews are undertaken on behalf of project sponsors who want an impartial assessment of particular projects or the performance of a business unit.

Working with our clients we review their goals and objectives, and assess the current situation to identify threats and opportunities that must be addressed to achieve a successful outcome. This may include reviewing –

  • The validity of planning assumptions behind the original plan, which may no longer apply.
  • Actual performance against the plan
  • The resources required and available
  • The benefits achieved or available
  • The systems and processes employed
  • Internal and external communication
  • Financial performance

Reviews may be focussed on particular aspects of a delinquent project that is causing concern, or a business unit that is under-performing. Working with local management team we will analyse the situation to-

  • Identify the scope and scale of current problems and their potential¬† impact on the project or business unit
  • Identify the root cause of poor performance, and suggest corrective actions
  • Identify threats and opportunities that currently exist or may develop during the project life cycle
  • Develop contingency and early warning systems to alert senior management to potential problems.

Clients are under no obligation to use our services to deliver the potential improvements identified during the review process. However, if requested, we are normally able to provide additional assistance as ‘special assignment’ or identify other experts within our large network of associates and specialist consultant who can help.

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