Training for Engineering Managers

We are committed to continuous improvement, and work with our clients to identify and prevent problems in their management systems, development and production processes

Every assignment involves knowledge transfer – and our training courses are designed to accelerate this process – showing why change is necessary and demonstrating how you can achieve it.

All our courses are designed for engineers by engineers and delivered by engineers with practical experience of product development – so they can apply the theory in the real world.

Courses available in 2014 include:-

A one day course designed for engineers and managers with no legal training, who are responsible for the design, manufacture or marketing of products that may cause loss or injury. We introduce and explain the principles of product liability law and present practical solutions to control and eliminate the risk of litigation due to product defects.

This course introduces the FMEA methodology, demonstrating how it is used to identify and reduce the risk of failure by improving product specification and design, or improving the capability of production processes. 

An introduction the problem solving techniques using the 8-D / Global 8-D method, including an practical workshop to solve ‘real problems’ nominated by our clients (optional)

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a systematic approach to the development of new products and manufacturing processes, that ensures that –

  • The market and customer requirements are understood
  • The proposed design satisfies those requirements
  • The process is able to consistently produce conforming products
  • The risks of failure are understood and effective counter measures are in place

Stunell Technology supports the implementation of APQP and provides training to enable suppliers meet their customer’s expectations. Training course has been designed for engineers and engineering managers who are adopting APQP and explains the principles of APQP and demonstrates potential benefits of using the process to manage product development activities.

How Stunell Can Help Improve Your Engineering Management