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Experts in Civil Litigation

Crown Court - Preston Lancashire

Expert Witnesses are required to form an independent opinion based on the available evidence and must be competent to explain and justify their opinion in Court

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Lean Product Development – How You Can to Beat Your Competitors to Market

During the 1980’s the automotive industry in Europe and the USA became increasingly concerned about competition from Japan and Asia, because new entrants to the market were gaining significant market share and attacking their traditional domination of the global automotive market. In order to understand the source of their apparent competitive advantage, and the threat… Read more »

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GM’s Ignition Switch Recall: FMEA Analysis

FMEA is a well established method of identifying how a product or process may fail – allowing effective controls to be implemented to reduce risk

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Product Recalls – and How to Prevent Them

Vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers are becoming uncomfortably familiar with the need to recall their products to fix ‘safety defects’ – and the negative publicity that such recalls can attract. In fact, data supplied by NHTSA – the US regulator for vehicle safety – shows that a ‘typical vehicle’ sold in the US will need… Read more »

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FMEA for Children

The purpose of a Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA) is to identify how a product or process could fail to satisfy customer requirements and expectations, ensuring that action is taken to mitigate the effects of failure so that the impact on users is reduced to an acceptable  level. We recently identified a quality problem with the Fisher Price Musical Gym. Like many toys this… Read more »

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Stunell Technology appointed as a Qualitin Business Partner

Although Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are commonly used to measure the performance of organisations, departments or processes – and we now have access to more historic data than ever before, historic performance data will not drive process improvement without an effective management system. Working with Gerdau the Brazilian steel producer, Qualitin have developed a new new approach to KPI Management that… Read more »

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