Stunell Technology appointed as a Qualitin Business Partner

Although Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are commonly used to measure the performance of organisations, departments or processes – and we now have access to more historic data than ever before, historic performance data will not drive process improvement without an effective management system.

Working with Gerdau the Brazilian steel producer, Qualitin have developed a new new approach to KPI Management that uses historic performance data to drive continuous improvement, which has been tried and tested by many of the most successful companies in Brazil.

As Qualitin expands from Brazil to support their global clients, they are appointing Business Partners in the strategically important UK and European markets, to support the implementation of their ICG tool kit for KPI Management.

As Carlos Cordal recently explained:-

“We came from Brazil, were we have already a huge legion of fanatics, that seemed to be enough for us for a while. After a successful project implementation in the UK and several key European Countries, it made us open our eyes to the world and take on board the mission of changing the way business is done worldwide. The only way to achieve our new goal is with a selected network of first class partners. Stunell technology is one of these, with a track record of successes and huge business and engineering expertise, I’m pretty sure is a recipe for success anywhere we go.”

Phil Stunell, Director of Stunell Technology commented that:-

“We look forward to working with Qualitin as we support clients implementing KPI Management – Qualitin’s ICG Tool Kit transforms the way KPI’s are used and will enable managers to become far more effective and drive continuous improvement throughout the business”

Your can learn more our approach to KPI management here, or contact Phil Stunell to discuss your requirements

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