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Reforming EU Product Liability Law

The European Union is reforming Product Liability Law to ensure it remains ‘fit for purpose’ – rebalancing the rights and obligations of Economic Operators – with our rights as Consumers. The changes are a response to the increasing; – So, if you supply, maintain or modify products used in Europe, you need to review your… Read more »

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After BREXIT: What Next?

BREXIT - the end of an era

Leaving the Single Market The EU’s ‘Single Market’ allows the free movement of goods within the member States, providing they comply with the relevant EU Standards and Regulations. But, this system of ‘Free Trade’ within Europe is underpinned by the harmonization of standards and the mutual recognition of Approval Bodies. The familiar CE mark is… Read more »

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Are you ready for BREXIT?

Sunrise at Ansty

After BREXIT your European distributors will become importers into the EU, and responsible for your products safety and compliance.

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ROUNDUP $13 Bn Settlement

Roundup - glyphosphate base herbicide

The settlement may mitigate the damage to Bayer reputation caused by prolonged legal arguments – and hopefully get compensation to those who have suffered before they die.

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Pinnacle MoM Hips (Part 4)

Hip Replacement - used with the permission from

Depuy argued that consumers are not entitled to expect a level of safety that can not be achieved with any known technology – and since over

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