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Pinnacle MoM Hips (Part 1)

Hip Replacement - used with the permission from

Without alleging that Depuy had been negligent, they claimed the product was legally defective. So the Judge was asked to interpret and apply Part 1 of the Consumer Protection Act and the EU Product Liability Directive to this case, focusing on the question common to all the claims

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Judicial Precedents – Examples From the Past

Written Judgement of The Court

dicial Precedents are examples from the past, that show how Judges have previously interpreted and applied the law in similar circumstances. So, to ensure that the law is applied in a consistent and predictable way, judges are required to consider relevant examples – or precedents – when forming their own Judgements.

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Case Study;- Swindon Bus Crash (3 January 2018)

What happened? On 3 January 2018, a local bus crashed into and demolished a bus shelter on Flemming Way, when the driver lost control as they prepared to move away from the stop. More by luck than judgement, nobody was killed or seriously injured – but the incident provides a useful case study to explore… Read more »

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Experts in Civil Litigation

Crown Court - Preston Lancashire

Expert Witnesses are required to form an independent opinion based on the available evidence and must be competent to explain and justify their opinion in Court

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GM’s Ignition Switch Recall: FMEA Analysis

FMEA is a well established method of identifying how a product or process may fail – allowing effective controls to be implemented to reduce risk

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